The perfect Home Page

The perfect Home Page

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Why is MyFav your best ‘HOME PAGE’ ?

Most users have Google as their internet home page. Google is great but there are also other search engines and you need to type (or input by voice) not only obscure searches but for your everyday pages like “YouTube, Facebook, Weather, etc.

So what has MyFav have to offer ? From our single page you can -




Your personalised page is stored online, so all this information is available securely from any internet connected computer in world. Useful when swapping between home PC, office PC, your Laptop and tablet.

Win our £100 monthly Amazon voucher simply for recommending out site.

Get money back on a 50/50 basis on sites that offer us a commision when purchasing from various sites through MyFav. (We believe no other sites that offer this money back service)

Has this convinced you !!!!

MyFavourite Home Page - MyFavourite Online Bookmarks -

MyFavourite Online Gadgets - MyFavourite one click access to most used sites

Most of all it’s MyFavourite website to easily access the whole of the internet.

                                                                  MyFav Team


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