Something we feel is rather unique. If we want to load ITV’s home page then you have a couple of options. Enter ITV in a search engine and select which you think is the correct link, or enter the address in the “Address bar”, which is, either enter this whole address or highlight the previous address leaving the http://www. in place and overwriting with Have you noticed how small this is? The figure to the right shows the page at 200% zoom, but the “Address Bar” stays at the normal size. Fiddly to say the least. With the QAB just enter itv hit GO! As shown in fig 2, easier or what !!!. If it’s not .com then the drop down box has the most used extensions. The extensions also include a forward slash (  /  ) so that if the web address you want is then with QAB enter itv and in the extension box enter thismorning and hit GO! As in fig 3

Now is that so much easier! oh yer.

NB not shown in fig 1 is that the http box is now a drop down with http://www.” and “http://” for those annoying sites that don’t have www.

Quick Address Bar

Fig 3

Fig 2

Fig 1

NB MyFav is undergoing constant development and the graphics shown here may differ from the current screens.